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Letter Requesting
2nd Limited Passport

Sample Only
( Please type this letter on Company Leterhead.)

Houston Passport Agency
1919 Smith Street
Suite 1100
Houston, Texas  77002

Dear Passport Representative,

Mr./Mrs. ______________________ is one of our employees who is engaged as _____________(title)

in the division of _______________________ (company name).

Mr./Mrs ________________________ position requires him/her to travel frequently on International Travel

and usually on short notice.

We are requesting that Mr./ Mrs. _____________________ be issued a Second Limited Passport to

enable our company to obtain Visa's in the second Passport while Mr./Mrs. ___________________

is out of the country with his/her passport.

In the event that I lose or misplace either Passports, I will notify the nearest US Embassy / US Passport

Office as soon as possible.

Your assistance in this matter is appreciated.

Thank You,

Applicant Signature

  ( Manager/Supervisor

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