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Release Letter Child
(Please fill in the blanks and return to our office with your passport request
This Form MUST be on the inside of your sealed envelope.)


Passport Services
Houston, Texas

Dear Passport Representative,

I,________________________________, authorize your office to discuss the status of and release my                      (print your childs name here)

passport to: any representative of 'Passport & Visa Specialists', my
agents in expediting my passport.

Thank You


__________________________________                     ______________________
Signature (Child)                                                                                   Date

Applicants Date of Birth: _______________________________
Departure Date from USA: _______________________________
Countries to be Traveled to: _______________________________

*Note to Applicant
1. This letter must bear the true and correct signature of the applicant.
2. A husband may not sign on behalf of his wife, or vise versa.
3. In the event that it becomes necessary this letter also authorizes "Department of State" to mail
passport back to our company 'Passport & Visa Specialists'.
4. Passport & Visa Specialists is not responsible for delays in processing due to incomplete applications, missing or incorrect proof of US Citizenship, proof of identity, proof of travel, missing photographs, incorrect passport execution fees. I understand that delays in processing may occur due to the volume and workload at the passport agency.

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